Pierre Labuschagne

Landscape, Nature and Wildlife Photographer

Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

Nature in it's purest form!

Thank you for visiting the site and welcome to his world through the lens. By doing so, it gives you the opportunity to have a small glimpse into his love of the out-doors.

Pierre Labuschagne is fast becoming one of South Africa's leading landscape and nature photographers! He has a deep love and passionate appreciation for nature - as it is, and this is portrayed in his work! You will often find him flat on his tummy, or in some precarious positions in the dust - to get the best possible angles. It’s his passion to bring all aspects of pure nature to his audience and therefore you will seldom see any "man-made" constructions and or objects in his work as he believes that nature presented should be untouched...

Pierre completed a Diploma in Photography in 2014, and has covered numerous events and shoots - from landscape to sports, product to commercial venues and anything that goes with it and came his way, but lately he has become a landscape and nature photographer exclusively! 

He has discontinued any wedding shoots and or commercial work, and is now focused on nature and landscape work solely. However, please don't hesitate to make contact with him to discuss more details or for any requests or print quotations.

Prices and packages for any prints are available on request.

So who am I?

I am a full time IT and Computer teacher at a local primary school in Somerset West. I do photography part time not only as a hobby, but because I also like to teach this awesome venture to any of my learners and adults alike. If you want to know more, I will gladly show you the ropes.

I have extensive knowledge in post-processing with the relevant software and processes as well. I personally use mainly the latest and updated versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, On1 RAW, Aurora HDR- and Luminar4  software to get my way about spicing up my work.

In short: Don’t hesitate to browse through my work, and complete your requests with the relevant info and your contact details on my “Contact Me” form in the menu. Mail it to me from there, and be sure that I will be in touch with you in a jiff…

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